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A Workshop on Invention Registration

A Workshop on Invention Registration

Developing Creative, Inventive Mindsets and Skills that Prepare Middle and High School Students for Careers in a Rapidly Changing World

The Invention Registration Program, located within the deputy roshd center, has been celebrating outstanding inventors and working to inspire young people to pursue creative lives and careers for more than twenty years. We are now working to share what we have learned with educators across the U.S. as we believe that the development of creative and inventive mindsets are critical to young people’s ability to thrive in today’s technologically driven, rapidly changing world.

Who should attend: If you are a middle or high school lecturer, after school professional, or other educator who wants to enrich your students' educational experience through invention, join us for this workshop. We will also holding a workshop in the midwest and west coast for educators. More details about these workshops will be available soon. 

What will you learn: The workshop will develop educators’ capacity to help kids learn to think and act as an inventor while developing a solution to a real-world problem. The workshop includes strategies for the effective use of JV InvenTeam activity guides made available free of charge on our website here.

Cost: Registration is free and includes lunch and workshop materials.

Email Hamidreza Azarfar if you have any questions. You can also contact her directly at +98 11 34484855